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Showtec import an amazing selection of interesting panels and materials for walls and ceilings which ensure a venue has a strong ‘professional’ design finish. If these panels are used correctly they can create a real ‘wow’ factor!

We are currently a UK distributor and retailer of the US based Advanced Technology Inc (ATI) range of decorative laminates. THese laminates are ideal for nighclub, bar and restaurant use as they offer a unique look with a very hard wearing finish. Simply pick the design you like, in the colour you prefer and the panels are made to order. The images below show a small sample of the finishes available, the full range can be seen on the ATI website here:

As a very rough guide, prices range from £40 per sq metre and upwards. However, we recommend  that you discuss your ideas and requirements with us as prices cannot be given online due to the endless colours and finishes available. 

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