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LED Light Strip

LED light strip can come in a number of different forms, each suited to different applications.

We offer two types, an LED strip (left) and an Electro-Luminescent strip (right).

The LED strip is a flexible tape which contains a series of individual LEDs. This can be in single colour or RGB.

The Electro-Luminescent strip is a tape which produces a solid band of colour, ideal if the strip will be visible to the eye.

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LED Light Strip

The LED light strip is a flexible tape supplied in rolls, with each strip containing a series of single colour, or colour changing LEDs. The strip can be cut down to required size and is only around 12 to 15mm wide, allowing in to be used in various applications.

The strip comes in interior or exterior versions and is ideal for using to light up ceilings, walls, coving, bar fronts and much more. As the strip contains individual LEDs, it is ideally suited to applications where the strip itselft will not be visible, either hidden behind coving, under a ledge etc. For applications where the strip will be visible, we would reccomend our electro-luminescent strip below.


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Electro-Luminescent Light Strip

Lighting up areas never before possible! Introducing the new illuminated light strip, a flexible lighting option with endless possibilities. Utilising electroluminescent technology, the light strip can be made to any colour in a number of different sizes and is less than 0.02” thick!

With an interior and exterior option available, the light strip can be used in virtually any situation. Its ability to bend around corners allows it to be used for outlining bars, shelves and much more. Up to 90 metres can be run from a single power supply, with only one end needing to be connected, and with an extremely low power consumption, 90 metres of 1 inch thick tape will use less power than a 100 watt light bulb!

The light tape can be flashed and dimmed, and multi channel unit can be made to order. Built out of flexible material, there is no glass involved so there are no worries about units being fragile and dangerous if broken.

With up to 100m in lenth and widths of 0.75in (0.25in lit) | 1in (0.50in lit) | 1.5in (1in lit) | 2.0in (1.5in lit) | 2.5in (2in lit) | 3in (2.5in lit) | 4in (3.5lit) | 5in (4.5in lit) | 6in (5.5in lit)

For a colour sample swatch please click HERE. Other colours can be made specially to order if required.

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