• Nightclub Lighting

    Piercing beams of light cutting through the misty dancefloor haze

Dancefloor Effects

Traditional effects lighting still plays an essential part in creating a dancefloor atmosphere. Moving heads and scanners can now employ LED light sources for greater flexibility and lifespan.

Combining these traditional effects with lasers, colour washes, gobo projection and more can create an immersive feel to a dancefloor, heightening a customers experience.

Bar Lighting

Lighting doesn’t have to be bold and in your face all the time. Many bars use colour wash effects to accentuate décor and architecture, while keeping the ability to raise and lower levels to suit the time and feel of the venue. These can be combined with dancefloor lighting to create an immersive and consistent feel throughout a bar.

Control Systems

We offer a range of systems designed to suit the needs of each venue and installation. From simple automated programs, adjusting lighting levels as the evening progresses in a bar, to hands on control of an intelligent lighting rig in the main room of a club.

As a dealer of the ECue range of lighting control software and hardware, we can tailor a control system just for you.