A Bar, Brighton

Project Value:


Project Elements:

Full design & build, electrical, plumbing, decorating, sound, lighting, visual, signage & bar equipment

Located on Brighton's seafront, overlooking the Palace Pier, the A Bar is part of the award winning Amsterdam Hotel. Last renovated in 2005, the bar and restaurant area was in need of a new look to bring it up to date and in line with current trends. Head of the Showtec design and build team, Paul Craig, was enlisted to come up with a suitable plan for the venue with various design features and ideas.

Our own in house building team started work in December 2010 working with our electricians and sound engineers to prepare the bar. The work was carried out so the venue could still be operational at weekends leading up to Christmas, to minimise disruption. In January 2011 the major work commenced and over a 5 week period the venue was completely transformed into its current state.


By using moulded sheets of textured decorative laminate in gold and bronze shades, combined with a series of colour changing LEDs, we were able to turn the unsightly central pillars into a design feature. Various sections of wall in the seating area were also covered in the textured laminate, creating a warm and unique feel to areas of the room. Combined with custom made tables, chairs and bench seating, an overall feeling of comfort and luxury emanates from the bar.


A series of plasma and LCD screens were fitted around the venue, each with a custom built surround. The bar back was then fitted with gold frames designed to create a eye catching bottle display area. Each frame was fitted with LEDs to illuminate the products on display. A central ceiling feature was created using colour changing LEDs and gold fabric, which were linked to the other LEDs around the venue, allowing the whole room to change colour and feel at once.

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