Backline Live, Guildford

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Project Elements

Lighting & A/V

Based in an old railway arch just behind Guildford train station, Backline Live is a new venue which combines studio rehearsal facilities with an entertainment and live music venue. The venue was designed to have an industrial feel, with bare brick walls and visible metalwork, but required a comprehensive system capable of meeting the needs of live performers. The main lighting system comprised of six moving heads, four spots and two washes. With LED units becoming brighter and more reliable, these were the obvious choice for the venue. Combined with a series of traditional parcans, the system can be used to illuminate performers on the stage area, or be used as nightclub style lighting should a dj be playing.

The main centrepeice of the venue is a custom built chandelier. At just over 1.5m in diamter, the chandelier comprises of 48 bottles of Smirnoff Vodka which hang upside down from a metal ring. Each bottle has an RGB LED mounted above it which illuminates the bottle and its contents.


4 x Showtec 20w LED Spot Moving Heads
2 x Showtec 36w LED Wash Moving Heads
20 x Par 56 Cans
2 x 1500w Strobe Lights
1 x Green & Red DMX Laser
1 x Martin Magnum 1200 Smoke Machine
3 x Desktop Computer & TFT Screen
1 x Ecue Lighting Application Suite
8 x 42" Plasma Screens & Matrix Switcher
2 x Hi-Res Stage Cameras
1 x Arkaos VJ Software Package
1 x LED Staircase System
1 x Custom 1.5m LED Chandelier
1 x 2 Way Video Mapping SYstem
20m Flexible RGB LED Strip
18 x RGB MR16 LEDs & Drivers

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