Devonshire, Bexhill

Project Value


Project Elements

Sound & Lighting

By transforming an unused basement, the Devonshire Bar & Club has appeared in the heart of Bexhill, giving the taste of a luxury venue never seen beofre in the area.

A small section of the pub was converted into the entrance to the club, with a bar and plush sofas fitted, offering a relaxed and comfortable area for those wanting to take things easy. Follow the staircase downstairs and you are greeted by a stunning room which has been finished to an incredibly high standard.

The main feature of the club is the LED bubble wall which covers almost half of the walls. With a mirrored front, and colour changing LEDs behind, the bubble wall is a stunning feature which adds movement and life to the space. Added to this are two cluster lasers which fill the room with twinkling beams of light, twisting and turning as the music progresses. These lights, combined with the mirrored ceiling, completeley immerse the customers in light and movement, giving the feeling of involvement and enhanced atmosphere.


2 x EV SX300 Speakers
1 x QSC RMX 2450 Amplifier
1 x Compressor Limiter
1 x Graphic EQ
1 x Numark CDN88
1 x Numark C3 Mixer

1 x Custom LED Bubble Wall
1 x Laptop PC with eCue DMX Software

2 x Green Cluster Lasers
12 x RGB 3w LEDs
1 x 1500w Strobe
1 x UV Strip

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