Liquid Lounge, Worthing

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Project Elements

Lighting & Sound

One of Worthings longest trading and most successful nightclubs, Liquid offers four rooms of entertainment, each themed and styled to encorporate almost all styles of music available. The main room at Liquid has been the focus of a massive overhall and renovation for which Showtec has supplied a lighting system to bring them to the forefront of technology. A massive 9.2m x 4m LED ceiling covers the entire dancefloor and spans down onto the front of the dj box. Two columns in the centre of the dancefloor have been clad in LEDs and frosted glass, incorporating a normally unsightly feature into the lightshow.

Added to this were various LED systems fitted to all of the bars and staircase, plus an overhaul of the sound system with some new Pioneer toys for the dj's!


1050 x Philips Colour Kinetics LEDs & Drivers
1 x Desktop Computer & TFT Screen
1 x Ecue Lighting Application Suite & KiNet Expansion License
2 x 2600w Blinders
2 x 1.5 Watt Full Colour Lasers
2 x CVA OV12 600w Speakers (Added to Existing Sound)
2 x 15" 600w Bass Bins (Added to Existing Sound)
2 x Pioneer CDJ2000 CD Players
1 x Pioneer DJM800
70m RGB LED Strip
30m Blue LED Strip
3 x LED Pod System
4 x 20w LED Moving Heads
4 x 400w UV Cannons

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