Molton House, London

Project Value


Project Elements

Sound, Lighting, Visual, CCTV

Spread over 5 floors, Molton House offers a nightclub, bar and restaurant all in one venue. With plush decor and some great design features, the sound and visual systems needed to be of the highest quality to refect their surroundings. The installtion included Funktion One sound system in the basement club, Bose sound systems on the other floors, fibre optic chandeliers on three floors, plus numerous LED systems including a 'spiders web' installation in the basement!

Starting with the sound system, it was decided that a Funktion One system would be utilised in the basement nightclub area due to its high quality. The design of the Res 2sh speakers fitted in perfectly with the feel of the room, especially after a custom gold paint job! Bass was supplied via one of the immense F221 twin 21" cabinets driven from an MC2 E45 amplifier.

The sound for the ground floors and above needed to be lower volumes which is why we opted for Bose. The Freespace 3 systems were used in the restaurant and private rooms due to their small size, giving high quality sound without imposing large speakers. The hallways, bars and staircases were fitted with Bose DS100 speakers so wherever you are in the venue you get a clean, crisp, high quality sound. A second Dj box was installed on the 1st floor to cater for the upper levels, with sound being routed through a Cloud digital zonign system. This allowed each room to have its own volume control, plus the ability for the customers to select what they were listening to.

On the ground and upper floors, three custom fibre optic chandeliers were created. As you enter the ground floor you are greeted by a flowing 'river' of fibre optic strans fitted with crystals, which runs across the ceiling and down the wall behind the front desk. On the 1st floor, a oval ceiling cutout was filled with fibre optic strands, again fitted with crystals, which bow down into the room to resemble the hull of a boat. The final unit was fitted in one of the private dining rooms. Hanging from the ceiling the fibre optics mirror the shape of the oval table below, with crystals and feathers attached to the tails.

The most impressive part of the lighting system is back in the basement club, where a 'spiders web' of LED strings have been fitted. The LEDs run up the central column and out across the ceiling to the outer walls. The system is run via a computer based system which allows the LEDs to run various patterns and graphics in any colour required.

Sound System:

4 x Funktion One Res 2 SH
1 x Funktion One F221 Bass Bin
1 x MC2 E25 Amplifier
1 x MC2 E45 Amplifier
1 x XTA DP424 Processor
1 x Formula Sound AVC2 Limiter
2 x Funktion One F81 Speakers
4 x Funktion One F55 Speakers
5 x Bose Freespace 3 Systems
12 x Bose DS100 Speakers
1 x Cloud DCM1 Zone Mixer
8 x Cloud Digital Control Panels
2 x Cloud CXA6 Amplifiers
1 x QSC GX5 Amplifier
1 x QSC GX3 Amplifier
2 x Pioneer DJM800 Mixers
5 x Pioneer CDJ100 MK3

Lighting System:

3 x Martin Fibresource Projectors
3 x Custom Fibre Optic Tails
30 x Colour Kinetics iColour Flex SLX
150m RGB NeonFlex
12 x 12w RGB Downlighters
4 x Martin Wizards
2 x Studio Due LED Moving Heads
1 x eCue DMX Software Package

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