Revenge, Brighton

Project Value

From £50,000

Project Elements

Lighting & Building Works

We were contacted by the Revenge and asked to come up with a state of the art lighting system never before seen in Brighton as part of their ongoing renovations of the club. We came up with a design for an LED ceiling which incorporated a series of LED battons down the walls to create an effect which would surround the customers, and by moving the Dj box to the centre of the back wall we could focus the attention on the Dj or performer.

The ceiling contains 1800 individually controlled LEDs from Philips Colour Kinetics range covering an area of 36 square metres. Each side wall of the venue was built out to house 10 flush LED battons, each 1200mm long. The ceiling then extended down behind the newly built Dj box to create a focal point.

An LED staircase system was fitted in the entrance to entice customers into the room, which utilises the same LEDs fitted in the ceiling. We then fitted a computer control system which allowed us to integrate the existing effects lighting system within the venue, so everything can be controlled from the one computer. To top off the new custom built Dj box, two Pioneer CDJ2000 players were fitted.


38 x Philips Colour Kinetics Flex SLX Strings
2 x Philips Colour Kinetics sPDS60 Drivers
5 x Philips Colour Kinetics sPDS480 Drivers
20 x Miltec 1200mm LED Battons
1 x Custom Cut Revenge Logo Panel

1 x Desktop Computer & TFT Screen
1 x Ecue Lighting Application Suite
1 x 16 Universe KINet Expansion License
2 x Ecue Butler Silver
2 x 8 Port Network Switches

2 x Pioneer CDJ2000 CD Players

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