Water Dragon, Plymouth

Project Value


Project Elements

LED Lighting

Situated in the centre of Plymouth, Devon, the Water Dragon is a large contemporary Chinese restaurant who contacted Showtec with the aim of creating a visual effect to enhance the look of the venue.

We designed a system utilising a series of LED panels to be used as a high-tech message board. Capable of showing text and graphics, the system could be used to advertise the various cooking methods employed by the restaurants chefs. Located above the open kitchen, the display automatically scrolls through various visual effects, displaying to the customers the variety of dishes available, and drawing the customers attention to the cooking area.


14 x 64 Pixel 500mm x 500mm LED Tiles
1 x Desktop Computer & TFT Screen
1 x Ecue DMX Software Package
4 x Ecue Butler Silver & Network Switch
1 x Custom Made Timber Framework

$('#s3').cycle({ fx: 'curtainX', sync: false, delay: -1000 });
$('#s4').cycle({ fx: 'curtainX', sync: false, delay: -500 });
$('#s5').cycle({ fx: 'curtainX', sync: false, delay: -100 });