Music Video & Video Advertising Systems...

Audio visual systems have come a long way since the early days of small standard televisions, video walls and fuzzy distorted video projectors.

Here at Showtec we are able to design for you a high quality AV (audio visual) system from scratch, or to integrate with your current system.

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Music Video & Video Advertising

Showtec will partner with the relevant music playlist supplier to offer the full technical infrastructure required to create your music, video & advertising Venue Management System.
State-of-the-art computerised time-tagged music and video systems.

These can play music throughout your venue from early morning to late at night, pausing if required to allow live entertainment such as DJs, karaoke or bands.

It plays the correct music for a daytime mood and changes for a lively Friday night, switching from playing a pop video to audio music only, to venue promotion on screen.  It is all programmable and fully automatic.

Today's marketing tools are fast moving and need to deliver pinpointed and direct information to your customers. Showtec offer computer graphic generated systems that can be used to advertise your venues up and coming events, menus and even drinks promotions.

Mobile phone text to screen - a new and exciting option for all venues.  Customers can text messages, usually flirtatious, straight onto a screen (obscenity sensor built-in).This is a great new channel of income and an excellent way of building a database of your customers’ mobile phone numbers.

Audio visual systems have come a long way since the early days of TV on a shelf in a pub.  Now we offer fully integrated systems that run in-house adverts, play music, videos, and can send different signals to different screens. For example the screen in the restaurant shows today’s special menu, the bar shows a music video and in the evening they all switch to show the big match !


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