CCTV Installation & Rental...

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CCTV Installation & Rental

CCTV system are becoming more and more important and are quite offen a requirement by law for some venues. Advances in technology have meant that prices have come down over the last few years meaning a good reliable system will not cost the earth.

Digital recorders have taken over from the video tape systems of the past, offering larger storage and better quality recordings. Plus not more tapes to have to change every day! A system can comprise of as many cameras as you need, all wired back to a digital recorder. Monitors can be placed at various positions in the venue to assist the security team, or to just ensure customers are aware they are being recorded.

As most nightclubs tend to be dark, dingy places, infra red cameras can be used to ensure good visibility in low light conditions. Cameras can be located inside and out, with many IP rated versions available.

Even if your venue is free of trouble, many venues are now choosing to fit CCTV systems with cameras over the tills to ensure they can keep an eye on the staff! Systems can also be set up so the video stream can be veiwed remotely over the internet.