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Nightclub Lighting & Special Effects

Also see: LED Lighting

Lighting has become a massive part of the late night and entertainment industry. With an almost limitless number of possibilities available, systems can be as complex or as simple as required. The recent explosion in LED lighting technology has massively expanded the uses of lighting systems and the ability to turn simple light fittings into features.

LED systems can be very versatile and create some stunning features, but normal effects lights should never be overlooked. Moving heads, scanners, lasers, moonflowers, strobes and many other effects have been used for many years in nightclubs and late night venues, and will continue to be one of the most effective ways of producing a great light show.

A new system can be very expensive which is why we offer a number of options on renting systems and used equipment. This way costs can be kept down without compromising the quality of the light show.

We can tailor a system specifically for your venue and your needs. By using a wide range of manufacturers such as Robe, Martin, Pulsar, Traxon, Coemar, Clay Paky, Tryka, Studio Due and many more, we can design something that will give your venue the wow factor it deserves!

Check out the video to the left for an example of a nightclub which features a combination of LEDs, lasers, scans, strobes, blinders and smoke machines. By combining all of these elements, the vnenue is able to cycle through various effects ensuring that the lighting never seems boring or repetetive.

For online sales of Showtec brand lighting equipment, checkout our online shop:


Showtec are also a UK retailer of the Ecue range of lighting control software and hardware. Our team of engineers are trained to use and program the software should you require your venue to be reprogrammed, or we can supply a complete control package tailored to suit your specifications. For pricing information on the Ecue systems, please contact us.

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Effects Lighting

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