Outdoor Sound & Light Systems...

It's a sunny afternoon, the football's on the big screen in the bar, which you can see from the beer garden, - you can't hear the football yet but you can see it.

Adding background sound to your outside area or beer garden you enhance customer enjoyment in this area. Like listening to a radio, this and should you have a quiz or DJ playing, people in the beer garden will also enjoy the music and be able to take part in the quiz.

We are also able to install a sound zoning system so that you can have different sounds in the garden to the main bar.

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...can be very effective outdoors. Project a wash of colour over any building or structure - ideal if you require your business, nightclub or bar garden to stand out from the crowd.

Imagine a casino turning gold every time a lucky gambler hits the jackpot; arena lighting pulsating when the home team scores; an outdoor concert where the lighting fades in and out to the music. Architectural lighting applications are virtually endless.


External sound systems are very important and can help keep the smoking customer happy and comfortable.   A large selection of products are available – from a slick Bose system, to speakers that look like rocks.


Adding background sound and special external plasma screens to your outside area will add to your customers’ pleasure, especially the ones that enjoy socialising outdoors.


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