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Showtec Technology Portfolio - Page 2

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Below is a breif overview of some of our recent projects and the technology supplied and fitted.

If you would like any more information on any of these installations, feel free to contact us.

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Liquid Lounge, Worthing - Click for More Details

Project Value


Project Elements

Lighting & Sound

One of Worthings longest trading and most successful nightclubs, Liquid offers four rooms of entertainment, each themed and styled to encorporate almost all styles of music available. The main room at Liquid has been the focus of a massive overhall and renovation for which Showtec has supplied a lighting system to bring them to the forefront of technology. A massive 9.2m x 4m LED ceiling covers the entire dancefloor and spans down onto the front of the dj box. Two columns in the centre of the dancefloor have been clad in LEDs and frosted glass, incorporating a normally unsightly feature into the lightshow.

Added to this were various LED systems fitted to all of the bars and staircase, plus an overhaul of the sound system with some new Pioneer toys for the dj's!

Water Dragon, Plymouth - Click for More Details

Project Value


Project Elements

LED Lighting

Situated in the centre of Plymouth, Devon, the Water Dragon is a large contemporary Chinese restaurant who contacted Showtec with the aim of creating a visual effect to enhance the look of the venue.

We designed a system utilising a series of LED panels to be used as a high-tech message board. Capable of showing text and graphics, the system could be used to advertise the various cooking methods employed by the restaurants chefs. Located above the open kitchen, the display automatically scrolls through various visual effects, displaying to the customers the variety of dishes available, and drawing the customers attention to the cooking area.

Backline Live, Guildford - Click for More Details

Project Value


Project Elements

Lighting & A/V

Based in an old railway arch just behind Guildford train station, Backline Live is a new venue which combines studio rehearsal facilities with an entertainment and live music venue. The venue was designed to have an industrial feel, with bare brick walls and visible metalwork, but required a comprehensive system capable of meeting the needs of live performers. The main lighting system comprised of six moving heads, four spots and two washes. With LED units becoming brighter and more reliable, these were the obvious choice for the venue. Combined with a series of traditional parcans, the system can be used to illuminate performers on the stage area, or be used as nightclub style lighting should a dj be playing.

The main centrepeice of the venue is a custom built chandelier. At just over 1.5m in diamter, the chandelier comprises of 48 bottles of Smirnoff Vodka which hang upside down from a metal ring. Each bottle has an RGB LED mounted above it which illuminates the bottle and its contents.

Revenge, Brighton - Click for More Details

Project Value

From £50,000

Project Elements

Lighting & Building Works

We were contacted by the Revenge and asked to come up with a state of the art lighting system never before seen in Brighton as part of their ongoing renovations of the club. We came up with a design for an LED ceiling which incorporated a series of LED battons down the walls to create an effect which would surround the customers, and by moving the Dj box to the centre of the back wall we could focus the attention on the Dj or performer.

The ceiling contains 1800 individually controlled LEDs from Philips Colour Kinetics range covering an area of 36 square metres. Each side wall of the venue was built out to house 10 flush LED battons, each 1200mm long. The ceiling then extended down behind the newly built Dj box to create a focal point.

An LED staircase system was fitted in the entrance to entice customers into the room, which utilises the same LEDs fitted in the ceiling. We then fitted a computer control system which allowed us to integrate the existing effects lighting system within the venue, so everything can be controlled from the one computer. To top off the new custom built Dj box, two Pioneer CDJ2000 players were fitted.

Lava Lanes, Stanmore - Click for More Details

Project Value


Project Elements

Full design & build, electrical, plumbing, decorating, sound, lighting, visual, bowling lanes, signage, kitchen & bar equipment

Most people consider a bowling alley to be a family oriented place with games machines, pool tables, burger bars and kids play areas, but Lava Lanes has strived to offer something different. With a fine dining restaurant and cocktail bar alongside the ten pin bowling, Lava Lanes provides a unique combination of luxury surroundings and entertainment in one.

Showtec was enlisted to run the project from the initial design stages, through to the consruction, decorating and opening of the venue. After many meetings and discussions with the customer, our design team put together a package for the complete project, covering all aspects of the venue. Our construction team then started work on what was then an almost empty shell, with electricians, plumbers and builders all coordinated together by our project manager.

Overall, Lava Lanes offers a very high standard of entertainment to its customers, with a bowling experience that is second to none. This is a great example of how new design ideas can be put into great effect to produce a simply stunning venue.

Molton House, London - Click for More Details

Project Value


Project Elements

Sound, Lighting, Visual, CCTV

Spread over 5 floors, Molton House offers a nightclub, bar and restaurant all in one venue. With plush decor and some great design features, the sound and visual systems needed to be of the highest quality to refect their surroundings. The installtion included Funktion One sound system in the basement club, Bose sound systems on the other floors, fibre optic chandeliers on three floors, plus numerous LED systems including a 'spiders web' installation in the basement!

It was decided that a Funktion One system would be utilised in the basement nightclub area due to its high quality. The design of the Res 2sh speakers fitted in perfectly with the feel of the room, especially after a custom gold paint job! Bass was supplied via one of the immense F221 twin 21" cabinets driven from an MC2 E45 amplifier.

The most impressive part of the lighting system is back in the basement club, where a 'spiders web' of LED strings have been fitted. The LEDs run up the central column and out across the ceiling to the outer walls. The system is run via a computer based system which allows the LEDs to run various patterns and graphics in any colour required.

The 107 Club, Crawley - Click for More Details

Project Value


Project Elements

Sound, Lighting, Visual

When we first visited the site for the 107 Club it was simple an empty shell. It was difficult to picture how it would be transformed into a fully functioning nightclub, but after three months of hard work the venue opened its doors to the public with great success.

Starting with the sound, we opted for a Funktion One system. Renowned for their high quality and visually impressive systems, we felt that this would offer the most suitable system for the venue. On the dancefloor the system comprised of four Res2SH speakers flown from the ceiling, with two F221 twin 21” bass bins. The Res2SH speakers offer a fairly narrow dispersion, which allowed us to concentrate the sound on the dancefloor area, without spilling out too much into the bar areas.

Moving on to the lighting system, we had the challenge of creating something impressive but unique, in order to give the venue a way of standing head and shoulders above its competitors. With its fairly high roof, the 107 Club was a perfect candidate for an LED ceiling.

Overall, the finished product was just as impressive as we had hoped. All elements worked together to create a complete clubbing experience, with a new high standard being set for what is expected of the late night industry.

JJ Whispers, Reigate

Project Value


Project Elements

Sound, Lighting, A/V, CCTV

The idea behind JJ Whispers was to create a slice of London in the centre of Reigate. With lavish furniture and surroundings, the venue brings a new level of high class clubbing to the area.

The venue is split into three areas. As you enter you are confronted by an incredible oval bar, remeniscent of a luxury cruise ship. To help emphasise the feeling of class and excellence, we fitted a Bose Professional sound system to the front bar area, utilising their Freespace 3 system.

The main area is the dancefloor which required a bit more power, so we opted for a Funktion One system comprising of two F115 bass bins and two Res 2 SH speakers. This was combined with two Robe 575 scanners, two 250w moving heads, a green and red multi beam laser, plus a large projection screen.

The third room, the VIP area was kept subtle with a Bose sound system and some ambient LED lighting.

Club 108, Enfield - Click for More Details

Project Value


Project Elements

Sound & Lighting

Located in the heart of Enfield, Club 108 is a stunning testament to what clubbing is all about. With extremely high standards, the owners have created a lavish venue which offers two floors of music and entertainment. With a Dj on each floor, 108 offers a whole nights entertainment within its doors.

The sound and lighting systems were designed to offer the flexibility of being able to multi-task, with various club nights, fashion shows, corporate events and live acts performing on a regular basis. With high quality Martin Audio and Turbosound speakers leading the way, the system gives a clear but punchy sound, capable of the high volume levels required.

The ground floor dancefloor is centred around the mirrorball sculpture centrepiece, with eight 250w moving heads providing the effects lighting. Upstairs, three Martin Wizard Extremes have been included to provide added energy and speed to the light show. All of this combined with stunning decor and plush furniture creates one of the best atmospheres we have ever experienced in a nightclub!

Devonshire, Bexhill - Click for More Details

Project Value


Project Elements

Sound & Lighting

By transforming an unused basement, the Devonshire Bar & Club has appeared in the heart of Bexhill, giving the taste of a luxury venue never seen beofre in the area.

A small section of the pub was converted into the entrance to the club, with a bar and plush sofas fitted, offering a relaxed and comfortable area for those wanting to take things easy. Follow the staircase downstairs and you are greeted by a stunning room which has been finished to an incredibly high standard.

The main feature of the club is the LED bubble wall which covers almost half of the walls. With a mirrored front, and colour changing LEDs behind, the bubble wall is a stunning feature which adds movement and life to the space. Added to this are two cluster lasers which fill the room with twinkling beams of light, twisting and turning as the music progresses. These lights, combined with the mirrored ceiling, completeley immerse the customers in light and movement, giving the feeling of involvement and enhanced atmosphere.

Karma, Brighton Marina - Click for More Details

Project Value


Project Elements

Video Mapping & A/V System

We were asked to visit Karma Bar in Brighton Marina to design a new visual system to tie in for the re-launch the venue was planning. With the employment of new DJs, the venue wanted to add a system which would be able to display the actions within the DJ box, while also creating a huge focal point with something people had never seen before.

It was decided that a large wooden carving on Karma Brighton's East wall would be the focal point of the system. At nearly 6m wide and 2m high, the carving offered a perfect base for us to work with in creating the fantastic projector video effect.

The whole system would be split into two sections, both based on the carving. The first part was to integrate four plasma screens into the carving. The four windows/cut outs in the carving would be the location of the four screens, but in order to fill these we had to use four 42" plasma screens rotated into portrait to get the best out of them.

The second phase was the video mapping system. This involved fitting two 3500 ansi lumen projectors to project onto the carving. By hiding the projectors it gives the impression that during the day the carving is nothing more than a feature on the wall, but at night it appears to quite literally "come alive" as shown in the video on the left.