Sound & Light System Rental...

The benefits of semi-permanent leasing of equipment from Showtec are our most popular. We currently have a catalogue of over 200 customers enjoying our lease packages nationwide.

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Rental for Venues

The refurbishment or fitting-out of a new venue can be a costly operation. This is why Showtec offer a flexible and tax efficient RENTAL option on their Sound, Light, LED and Audio Visual equipment, to suit your requirements and budget.

The customer pays the initial installation labour and material fees and the hardware is rented and funded by Showtec.

When renting from Showtec, all maintenance, spare lamps and periodic servicing is all included in the agreed weekly payment.

Typically rental deals are 12 or 24-month agreements.

A cashback scheme can be set up, which allows the customer to buy the equipment at a later date and get a percentage of the rent back against the final purchase of the equipment.

Other rental advantages are that in a fast moving market place such as bars and clubs you may need to change things quickly and cheaply.  Showtec can change and upgrade your equipment at any time (within reason, subject to contract).

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