• Visual Effects

    From simple projections and screens to advanced video mapping…

Video Panels

LED video panels are a great way of creating high brightness large screens and are growing in popularity for the nightclub market.

Visuals are being incorporated into lighting shows allowing you to fully immerse your customers in the clubbing experience, while giving you a great tool for promotions and logo advertising.

Video Mapping

We now offer a ground breaking new visual effects product using video projectors to create stunning lighting and video shows directly linked to the unique architecture of your venue. It is truly eye-catching with all the visual content being designed specially to match the architecture of the venue & is ideal for a bar, DJ booth or any other focal point.

Video effect optical illusions can be created around the architecture of your venue, with the flexibility of the system allowing it to be used for advertising or promotions on top of being a great visual focal point.


Audio visual systems have come a long way since the early days of small standard televisions, video walls and fuzzy distorted video projectors.

Here at Showtec we are able to design for you a high quality AV (audio visual) system from scratch, or to integrate with your current system.

CCTV & Fire Alarms

CCTV and good quality fire alarm systems are becoming more and more important and are quite often a requirement by law for some venues.

Advances in technology have meant that prices have come down over the last few years meaning a good reliable system will not cost the earth.