• LED Ceilings and Panels

    The LED revolution for nightclub lighting

LED Pixel Ceiling

The LED ceiling is becoming a very popular addition to clubs and bars due to its ability to completely transform the feel of a venue. By covering a large area, the system gives the feeling of immersing the customers in the experience. The system is based on using a series of RGB LEDs on a string. Each LED is individually controlled, enabling us to create fascinating patterns and graphics.

We can customise the system to fit in with most venues and budgets. The LEDs can be spaced up to 300mm apart to give a cost effective solution, or they can be moved closer together to give better graphics and effects. The flexibility of the system allows us to tailor the installation for each venue, so you are not limited to a specific size or shape.

LED Battens & Strips

LED Strips and Batons come in many different shapes and sizes. By using curved strips we can create new and visually stunning effects which stand out from the normal LEDs.

With an almost endless number of options, we can design a system unique to your venue to make you stand out from the crowd and to offer your customers a new and exciting experience.

LED Tiles & Panels

LED panels offer a wide range of options for covering walls and surfaces in small or large areas. The panels are available in various sizes and shapes, including square and hexagonal.

Some panels offer a single block colour as a more cost effective option, with other panels offering a number of internal LEDs. These panels have the same capabilities as the Pixel Wall above, being able to show graphics and text, but are limited to their set sizes and resolutions.

LED Chandeliers

LEDs are perfect for retro-fitting into normal situations, or designing into objects for great effect.

Here we custom built a 1.6m diameter chandelier fitted with 48 LEDs and 48 bottles of vodka for a venue in Guildford. The chandelier provides a great centrepiece over the dancefloor area, and a great talking point for the customers.

LED Staircase

Who says a staircase has to be just functional?

We can install LEDs to almost any staircase which not only gives practical lighting, but also adds a special touch to a normally boring area. The LEDs can run in time with the music or run preset patterns, enhancing the look and feel of the venue.