• LED Dancefloors

    Bringing back the retro look in style

Advanced Dancefloor

The advanced LED dancefloor brings moving graphics and video to life underneath your feet. Currently available in two options, for basic patterns and graphics, and full motion video.

Systems are based around a 500mm x 500mm panel, which can be recessed into a floor or surface mounted. These systems are designed for lighter use applications such as domestic, function rooms and displays.

Standard Dancefloor

Our standard floor is our hardest wearing system and is at home in any nightclub or bar. Designed for high use applications, the system will withstand the abuse of a typical nightclub.

Based on a 70s style but using up to date LED technology, this system uses 600mm x 600mm panels to create a great looking effect.

Twinkle Dancefloor

The portable twinkle floors are ideal for mobile use as they are compact, lightweight and easy to fit. Commonly used in hotels and wedding venues, these floor can also be supplied for domestic use, or mobile use for touring marquee and events companies.