140 W Moving Head for both Spot, Wash and Beam effects  
Motorised zoom, focus and frost  
6-facet linear & 8-facet circular overlapping prisms  
Motorised zoom  
12 colours + white

The Showtec Phantom 3R Hybrid is an all-in-one true Hybrid Moving Head that can easily change from Spot to Wash to Beam, suitable for indoor venues. Its intense 140 watt Osram 3R discharge light engine and motorised focus with auto focus function creates razor sharp beams and gobos at almost any distance. The overlapping circular and linear rotating prisms can be independently controlled and create dynamic beam effects. The Phantom 3R Hybrid operates within a 3°–20° motorised zoom range in both Spot, Wash and Beam modus for ultimate light control.

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Showtec Phantom 3R Hybrid

  • Brand: Showtec
  • Product Code: 40075
  • Availability: 5-7 Days
  • £1,499.00
  • £1,199.00

  • Ex Tax: £999.17