80cm Cartridges are currently not available due to shipping issues. Please contact us to discuss if needed.

The Showtec electric cannon is a single use cannon, prefilled with confetti or streamers. To fire an electric cannon, the Showtec FX Shot (60908) is required. The bottom part of the cannon contain a pressurized nitrogen cartridge for a powerful effect.
Given the resistance to ignition, use of these products in sensible amounts can be regarded as fire safe. This is based on experience of TNO and Flame Guard b.v. (member of AFG Group).

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Size: 80cm
Consumption: Confetti
Output: 12m
Filling: 200gr

All confetti and streamers have a fireproof coating to make them safe for use. This does mean that the material is not biodegradeable and should be cleaned up appropriately.

After use we do not reccomend leaving the dispensed confetti and streamers in place for long periods of time as the dye used in manufacturing can discolour items. We also do not reccomend using the dispensed streamers as decoration or to be draped over persons as colour can transfer onto skin. This is in no way harmful to skin.

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Showtec FX Shot Confetti Cannon 80cm

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