• Grand Elektra

    Hastings, East Sussex

Project Elements: Sound & Lighting

High quality was the priority at Grand Elektra, and this shines through with the beating heart of this venue, the sound system.

A Void Acoustics system comprising of two Air Motion speakers above four Stasys 218 bass bins provides the front line. The central and bar areas are backed up with four Airtens, and the VIP area is equipped with Mycro 8 speakers. Dj Monitoring is provided by two Airtens hovering over the four CDJ2000 Nexus and DJM900 Nexus mixer. Amplification is carried out by three Void Bias VQ and two Bias V3 amplifiers with built in DSP.

The low ceilings in the basement venue limited the choices for lighting, so a series of ADJ sweeper beams were fitted. With their low profile, these provide the dancefloor with multiple beams of moving light. This was then combined with three full colour Laserworld DS-1800 lasers, ten ADJ moving heads, 20 LED parcans and a 3.6m wide video wall.

In the entrance, a Laserworld Beam Bar with a series of bounce mirrors creates a stunning path down the stairs to this venue.