• Third Avenue

    Hove, East Sussex

Project Elements: Sound & Lighting

Located in Hove, East Sussex, Third Avenue combines three areas in to one distinct venue. The restaurant side uses B&W CM1 speakers to achieve a HiFi quality sound, perfect for background level while customers dine.

The main bar includes a Dj box equipped with Pioneer CDJ900NXS and a DJM750Mk2 mixer. This is overseen by a pair of Void Acoustics Airten speakers and Stasys 118 bass.

Hidden away in the basement, the club area is fitted with Void Acoustics Air 8 speakers and a Venu 115 bass bin. All areas are powered by Void Bias VQ amplifiers with built in processing. Zone control is provided by a Cloud Electronics Z4 with RSL6 remote controls located in each area.

Each bar is lit using amber LED strip in aluminium housing, providing illumination of the drinks displays and bar front. A selection of amber and red LED fittings were scattered around the venue and inside the double glazed windows to offer a subtle ambient glow of light.