• Wabi

    Horsham, West Sussex

Project Elements: Design & Build, Sound, Lighting, A/V & CCTV

Wabi is a contemporary Japanese restaurant and bar located in the heart of West Sussex. In 2014 the venue suffered a major fire and required a complete strip out and internal rebuild. Showtec carried out all aspects of the work including designing and fitting out the venue.

A major new feature installed was the video mapping wall. On one wall of the venue an oriental style wooden fretwork panel was fitted, which was then projection mapped using two video projectors running from an Arkaos media server. Custom visuals were created which incorporate the fretwork design, giving the impression of an interactive projection.

The sound system was based around the Void Acoustics Indigo 6 Pro on both floors, with smaller QSC infill speakers in the individual seating pods. Soundweb processing allowed zonal control of the system, along with QSC amplification.