• Sound Systems

    At the heart of every good venue beats a great sound system…

Professional Sound Systems

We have been installing sound and lighting systems in venues for around 20 years and have a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers allowing us to offer a nationwide service. From our base in Sussex, we travel the whole country and have a portfolio of both past and present customers who have experienced a professional sound system supplied by Showtec.

We work alongside many manufacturers of high quality sound to ensure we are able to offer the perfect solution to meet with your requirements. Along with being a Void Acoustics, Funktion One and Martin Audio dealer, we have installed many systems from brands such as JBL, Turbosound, Electrovoice and many more.

Nightclub Sound Systems

With vast experience in the nightclub sound & light sector, we pride ourselves on providing high quality components to create a complete sound system capable of meeting any requirements.

Some of the core brands we regularly use include Void Acoustics, Funktion One, Martin Audio, Bose, Turbosound, Electrovoice, MC², DBX, BSS and many more. With advances in lighting technology moving quickly, a high quality night club sound system can easily be overlooked, but with customers becoming more and more demanding, clear and precise sound is essential in today’s market.

Bars & Restaurants

With the explosion in the number of high street bars and restaurants recently, it is getting harder and harder to stand out above the rest, especially in the current financial climate. Offering a simple but effective sound system can be a simple step towards getting the advantage over the competition.

With an almost infinite number of options, we can design a sound system for your venue, giving the flexibility you require. From a simple background music sound system, to multiple areas playing various different things, with the incorporation of DJ equipment sound systems, karaoke, bands and more, we can tailor the sound system to meet your needs and budget.

Shops & Retail

Background music systems can be very important in creating the right atmosphere for your customers. This not only applies to bars and restaurants, but shops and hotels as well.

A poor sound quality can easily put customers off without realising. If you want to portray a good quality shop selling good products, can you do this with a struggling or distorted sound system in the background?


With school plays and performances becoming more popular due to the rise in demand for education in the performing arts sectors, technology is becoming more and more relevant.

With many multipurpose educational sound systems available, we can design and install a sound system which can be used for various shows, performances, lessons and even end of year proms and parties.

Home Audio

Recreate that clubbing feel at home! High end installation speakers dont just belong in entertainment venues. We offer a handfull of pre-packaged systems for use at home, whether it be a home studio, extravagant living room sound or a bedroom dj setup, along with custom colour options to match your home decor!

See some of our Void Acoustics systems available for home use here:

Rental Systems

A good sound system should be the basis of any entertainment venue, but can sometimes mean a big expense. When building a new venue or refitting an existing one, finding large lump sums of money can be very tricky. By utilising our nightclub sound & lighting rental option you can reduce your initial outgoings, allowing you to invest the capital in other areas.

By renting a sound system from us, you also receive a full maintenance contract which includes regular service calls and any repairs necessary included in the price. We can also include various cashback options to our contracts, allowing you to purchase the equipment at any time with a discount in relation to the amount of rental paid.


With so many options on sound systems available it can be tricky to know what is the best option for a theatre. Line arrays or point source? Analogue or digital mixers? Ch38 or Ch70 radio mics? We are here to help put a system together for you stage, whether it be a theatre or a school hall.