• Nightclub Sound & Lighting

    Pulsating lighting & thumping sound

Nightclub Sound Systems

At the heart of a good nightlcub beats a great sound system. It is essential when thinking about sound to ensure that a system can provide good quality, good reliability and enough power to cover the venue. Missing any of these points can result in unhappy customers and unhappy management!

We have been installing sound systems in Sussex and the surrounding areas for nearly 40 years, and pride ourselves on being able to design and fit a system to fulfil the needs of your venue.

Nightclub Lighting

Where to start? The lighting systems available for nightclubhs are almost endless, so making the right choice can be tricky. From your more traditional effects lighting such as moving heads, scanners and strobes, to advanced pixel LED systems, video mapping, lasers and more.

A lighting system has the ability to define a venue. It can provide the mood and ambiance, and have the ability to lift the customer experience and heighten the level of enjoyment by complimenting the sound and music.

Special Effects

Customers are always looking for the best experience when on a night out, and with more and more people going to festivals and events, the nightclub is now becoming the place to reproduce those experiences.

Smoke and haze machines have been commonplace for a while and give a great enhancement to nightclub lighting, but other effects such as CO2, confetti, video screens, laser shows and more are working their way into venues to increase the level of customer enjoyment.


Video screens are a great tool for a nightclub, providing a combination of visual effects and graphics than can be tied in to the music, along with a great advertising tool allowing you to promote Djs, bands, drinks promotions, events and more.

LED Video walls offer a great way of covering large areas, or to create unique shpaes and layouts. Commercial video walls also offer a hard wearing solution with great warranty options.

Installation, Rental and Sales

Based in West Sussex, we have a customer base covering the South, London and the Midlands. We can offer full installation for nightclubs, along with servicing, repairs and maintenance.

Finance options are available if you want to spread the cost of a system over a few years. We can also offer medium term rental options, so if you are not 100% sure on what you are after then you can try renting a system for a year with the option to change it, buy it or cancel at the end.